The completed master closet

So in this post I shared a few snapshots of the closet but I never really backed up and took any wide angle shots (how annoying! Why didn’t anyone tell me!) We did share specifics of how the room came together so I won’t reshare that here but you can click back for details. As a quick refresher, here is where we started:


Then for a while I turned this little room into an extra spot for guests:



Finally, we absorbed this room into the master bedroom and it became our closet:

before and after floorplan

In 1941 there just wasn’t as big of a need for closet space so we didn’t have much choice other than to turn a room into a dressing room. I’m certainly not complaining. We LOVE our closet. Here it is now as a part of the master bedroom (Note: we didn’t do the drywall in here so someone else is to blame for the wavy lines!…and yes there is A LOT of trim that needs to be refinished. Looking at it makes me yawn 🙂 )




I discussed in this post using a kitchen cart as a mini island:



You can read about how we took a thrifted china cabinet top and turned it into a shoe cabinet in this post. I think this was like $35 and it has such an impact!



We’ve tried hard to make sure the little things all have a home





I asked for this hanger holder for Christmas. I can’t stand empty hangers left on the rack. It adds a step to putting away laundry to have to go and search for them all so I can hang up clean clothes.


I am really glad I went back and took these photos because there are a couple things I noticed that need to be done in here. First, this room is overwhelmingly new wall white. It needs paint. The hanging doors and the walls. Even if it’s just a darker shade of white this looks too “new drywall” to me. I’m considering painting the ceiling a different color. This isn’t a tall room though so I want to be careful about what color I may use. I considered not using paint but using wallpaper instead as we did in the downstairs bathroom but my child needs a father…. I’m not sure Blake is up for round two of putting wall paper on a ceiling.

I also want to consider some artwork for the space. I like the idea of framing shopping bags but, for me, it feels a little too materialistic. I think I’ve settled on some sketches of important outfits (wedding dress) or just some favorite outfits that have meaning (I totally remember what I wore on our first date!)

This room has come a LONG way! I think it adds a lot of value to our home. Painting the floor black was a scary move but we absolutely think it fits the space perfectly and are so happy we did it! We are also happy to report that even with high heels grinding into the floor almost daily it doesn’t have a single chip!

before and after

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  1. Kathy says:

    I still covet this closet! And, that shoe cabinet! And, I am even loving the black floor which I was scared for you about! It looks like a little boutique! Oh, and those doors! I love what comes from your head!

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