Sunday sharing

Friday night I looked at Blake and said “have I even left the house all week?”

I had the stomach bug the first half of the week so I did leave the house once to go to the doctor. Then I left the house a second time to take Everly to the doctor for shots. Neither of those trips were exactly joy rides….

We decided Saturday morning I was going to get out and do my thing while Blake looked after Everly. It was like the old days. I hit up Habitat (where everything is now grossly overpriced…), I drank coffee, I sang in my car listening to my new favorite songs, I cruised around with my sunglasses on. I walked around Hobby Lobby aimlessly for an hour…

Did you know Hobby Lobby has a whole section of gift tags? I didn’t!!


I was on this aisle for probably 45 minutes looking at every. single. thing. It made me want to buy things to give to people just so I could wrap them up and put a cute tag on them. How clever is the “tag pad”?! Talk about a great stocking stuffer! The tags are with the stationary…which is equally amazing. I never knew they had so much cute stuff! I should send more mail!

Now, this is on the same aisle as the stamps.


Look at all these stamps!! Yall. I stood here for another 15 minutes thinking about how maybe I’m going to start collecting stamps and putting them on my thank you notes or maybe I’ll make Everly some stationary… I kept saying to myself “I want all these stamps!!!!…..but why?” I couldn’t decide why I needed stamps or what I would do with them. Truly I left the aisle pretty much feeling like wanting to collect stamps is rock bottom of cabin fever? I can’t be certain. I did decide I 100% want to start putting wax seals on everything (they sell those too!) ….why would I not wax seal the utility bills?? It’s completely reasonable.

Another cute thing I came across were these bottle caps.

bottle caps

Blake home brews different beers and how cute would it be to gift someone a 6 pack and spell their last name (or something) with these caps?? or maybe each 6 pack can spell H-O-W-A-R-D in the pack.

I wanted to share all this with you and ask if you knew your could shop Hobby Lobby online?? I didn’t realize you could! The best part is they give you the same 50% discounts they have going on in the stores! If you know Hobby Lobby you know they have a great knob selection. It happens to be 50% off right now and you can shop them online.

I saw this one in the store yesterday and I can report first hand it’s beautiful!

If you want to see tag pads click here. Use that 40% off coupon and those are $1.50!

Typewriter bottle caps. I really like this postcard stamp. With some cardstock you could just make your own postcard whenever you feel like it! You could even stamp it to the back of a picture and stick it in the mail!

Well, that’s all for now. Blake and I are finishing a big project today and I hope to be able to share it on the blog this week! We are going to Lowe’s for the first time in forever later today….I’m giddy with excitement! 🙂

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