Nailed it! Laundry “situation” makeover

Do you ever see the “nailed it” memes on Pinterest? The ones where it’s an expectation of something you saw on Pinterest and then the completely failed DIY attempt? We’ve all been there, right? Here are a couple of examples if you don’t know what I’m talking about…



Well, I’m here to tell you that Blake nailed it. I mean ACTUALLY nailed it. No craft fail meme necessary here!

For my birthday/Christmas I had asked Blake if we could fix up the laundry area somehow. At first we thought that meant adding pedestals. Bending over to get laundry at 40 weeks pregnant had me thinking the world would end if we didn’t elevate the washer and dryer. But then Everly was born and things went back to normal. I started surfing the internet for inspiration and the idea just kept evolving into covering up the W/D combo all together. You may or may not remember that our W/D “situation” was in the kitchen…or off the kitchen. See below:




We used the below as rough inspiration for what we wanted. This laundry area is also included as a corner of the kitchen in this Charleston home of Olivia Brock.


Here is the after!! It is my Valentine!


Blake built the entire frame “from scratch” (….is that a DIY term?) His days in the cabinet shop definitely paid off! The frame went in first and then he hand crafted these doors to put on.


The “backsplash” as we call it was installed on a piano hinge so we can access the outlets and water valves behind the units. This was REALLY tricky to install. Blake had to use the facetime camera on his phone to see where the screws were he needed to drill in. There were over 10 screws along this hinge and he got them all pretty much first try. I decided Blake needs to become a surgeon.


It reminded me of Christina Yang operating via robot hands while watching on a screen. This is a GIFT people.


Once everything was in place we stained the top and painted the face. The frame was installed in such a way that for maintenance of the W/D we can unscrew a couple of screws and the frame comes out and we can just pull out the units.



We installed a handle on the “backsplash” for easy lift up.



Because there is an outlet behind there and this surface will likely be used as extra counterspace during large gatherings Blake notched a hole for a cord to come through.


Once door hardware was installed Blake attached the magnets to allow for a tight close.



Here is what things look like when the doors are open. We didn’t have the space to do the retractable type doors but that’s not a big deal to me…there isn’t much reason to leave the doors open.


The view is SOOOO much better and I actually love to do laundry here now.



One more before and after!


7 thoughts on “Nailed it! Laundry “situation” makeover

  1. Carol Potter Schutte says:

    You two are waisted in that accounting office…Katie should be writing and Blake flipping houses. love the cabinet!!

  2. kimmie says:

    That’s amazing! We wanted to add a countertop over our washer and dryer but didn’t know what to do with all those outlets and water outflow thingys (I have no idea what they’re called). It looks so good!

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