Kitchen faucet upgrade!

So a few weeks ago our kitchen sprayer just bit the dust right before bath time. This was our old setup.


It was outdated sure but it was working “fine”. When all you’ve known is low water pressure in a sprayer you don’t really know what you’re missing I guess. We made the decision that it was just time to spend the money to replace the faucet all together.

I spent a couple of days researching what I wanted. I mean, let’s be honest. I knew what I wanted. Of course I knew. The more a faucet looks like you should boil the water coming out of it…the more I WANT IT.



I also knew Blake wouldn’t be ok with it for multiple reasons. Number one being that he wouldn’t find it reasonable that our faucet cost more than our mortgage. Number two being he wouldn’t want to spend 10 minutes twisting two knobs to find a temperature that wouldn’t scald or cause frost bite. In MY world the kitchen would be to look at and we wouldn’t actually USE it so two knobs would be a nonissue… and as for reason number one…I stumbled across the following statement regarding the picture below:

“Unable to find a budget-friendly, unlacquered brass faucet (who wants to spend $1,500 for a cabin?), we instead found a trusty Chicago faucet design in chrome and then we had the plating removed. The whole thing cost a tenth of the alternative.”


What. WHAT. WHUTTTTT. Is this a thing? Skip to the end of this—we bought a chrome faucet. Naturally now I feel the need to find a person who can remove the plating? Blake—I know you’re reading this and I can hear you shaking your head. Just…shhhhhhhh.

Moving on (but storing the thought above for later thinking)… I found the next most industrial option I wanted.


I found one of these for under $200 (our budget) at Home Depot and I decided this is what we would buy.

We went to Home Depot baby in tow and I went straight to the in stock faucet I had picked out.


I hated it. I thought the sprayer was going to be flexible and pull down and around….i mean, it did look like a giant slinky… (?) I was VERY unprepared to not love what I had loved so many times on Pinterest.

My third choice for a sink faucet was a bridged faucet like this one:


Insert part where Blake doesn’t want to battle hot and cold knobs for the perfect temperature. I guess I get it…(?)…maybe? I guess it does make sense considering there was a baby in the sink that would have been at stake here…

I hemmed and hawed on the faucet aisle for far too long. I was so against having a typical faucet! And I didn’t love the whole pull down feature for some reason… They were practical sure…but a FAR CRY from the dirty looking brass contraption type faucets I so dearly wanted to see in my future kitchen. Blake wanted stainless steel. I did not. We compromised on the finish I wanted and the faucet Blake liked.



Spoiler alert: I love it. I actually think it fits our house well, it works well, and it didn’t break the budget. It might be understated but now that it’s installed I’m very pleased!


We had a 4 hole sink and this new faucet came with a 3 hole coverplate but we added a soap dispenser to cover the old sprayer slot. We purchased it separately in the same finish for $20 and hooked up my favorite dish soap (Mrs. Myers Basil…does anyone else use Mrs. Meyers? I think it cuts grease as well as Dawn but it doesn’t seem as harsh and smells great!) The soap dispenser was another look I was against originally but practicality has won me over. For a minute I debated just hooking up a bottle of the head to toe baby wash…

So that’s the story of our new kitchen faucet upgrade. Now…returning to the idea of having the plating removed…….

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