Show and Tell: coworker edition

So I’m back to work this week which means I have few minutes to spare until I get into my new routine! However it’s pouring snow here tonight and knowing I have a day in my pajamas tomorrow means I can stay up a few minutes late and chat with my favorite internet people.

I want to share some really cool DIY projects tonight that are not our own. The husband of this DIY duo is a coworker of mine and he and his sweet wife have done some amazing upgrades to their home! Seriously, Ryan and Katy need their own blog!

The first is a garage door makeover. I absolutely love things like this because there are SO MANY plain white garage doors out there! Such a minimal investment can completely upgrade the look of the whole front of your home.

Here is the before:


And here is the after!!


Does it not look like the whole door was replaced for one with windows? That is trim and paint!!

Take a closer look.


GENIUS. Here is the breakdown of the costs for this upgrade:
$18 for carriage door pieces from Home Depot
$40 for trim for the faux windows
$20 for glossy black paint
White paint (already had on hand)
Total: $78

Now, I’m not a garage door salesman but I know this is an upgrade that is totally worth it! What a difference that makes in the curb appeal. I looked around the internet for kits and all I was able to find was a pack of black window stickers for $100… which wouldn’t even be 3D like this is with the trim.

Another project this couple took on was a firepit. Ryan had been looking at the firepits sold at the big box home stores but felt they weren’t substantial enough for the price. Are you ready? This is cool.

Old washer drum found at a junk appliance store (The Olde Homestead if you’re from around here).


Wire brush it off (cute dog optional)



Add electrical coupling pipe for legs and paint with high heat paint:




Total spent on this project:
Washer drum $26.50
Pipe for legs $7
Screws $3
High heat paint $4
Total $40.50

I hope you enjoyed reading about these projects! I love seeing the creative ideas our friends come up with!

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