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Hello internet! We meet again.

I cannot believe I am two weeks two days (I can procrastinate finishing a post apparently) away from being the proud owner of a 6 month old. I’ll have been back to work for 3 months and we are settling into our routines fairly well. We’ve experienced our first sick days, tried our first foods, and we are enjoying the world now from a sitting perspective instead of staring at ceilings 24/7.


Our lives feel hectic at times but then sometimes slow enough to sit down and find a few puzzle pieces.


When I went back to work I put a list on the fridge of things I need to do first thing in the morning and things I need to do at night. We began to affectionately call these “farm chores”.

farm chores

Y’all. WHY wasn’t I doing this my whole life? At first I had to put absolutely everything I needed to do because when I returned to work I was still in zombie land and couldn’t think two steps ahead. Blake was out of town the first three weeks I was back at work so this list became my personal assistant and sanity. I’m better now but it’s still nice sometimes to not have to think hard when I get home from work. It makes things so much smoother and my weekends don’t feel like I’m playing catch up anymore. I encourage you to start “farm chores” now if you haven’t. We can tell a difference when we don’t stick to the list…everything grows out of control quickly and I forget things I need for work. It’s a slippery slope and we have fallen off a few times just getting by with the bare minimum tasks after work but we pay for it on Saturdays. I’ve been amazed at how much easier mornings are when we’ve made sure the Keurig is ready to brew the night before! …it’s the little things 🙂

So in addition to my daily to dos we have been thinking a lot about long term to dos around here. Specifically, our back patio is calling for attention. This will be our biggest undertaking we have had to do since owning the home. Not only monetary but physical labor as well. However, we see 1200 square feet of untapped outdoor living space to be one of the most valuable assets of this place. To read a little more about the patio you can click here. We have all the makings of a perfect outdoor living spot…except one problem:


We’ve tossed around almost every idea out there for refinishing the floor of this thing. We got a quote to have it repoured and sealed. $13,000. THIRTEEN. THOUSAND. We knew it would be a lot but the estimate came with some fine print that they couldn’t guarantee the same thing wouldn’t happen again in the future because it already is in “such poor condition”. We discussed tiling the entire thing but the prep work to do a perfect tiling job also felt pretty overwhelming. Our latest, and greatest, decision is to use composite decking tiles on the whole thing.


We will still have to deal with the concrete below them but we won’t have to get it as perfect as we would if it was just bare concrete. We’ve read up on moisture between the concrete and tiles and feel between the cracks in the boards and the gradual slope the patio will have once refinished that we won’t have an issue. So. We are in the budgeting phase of this project now. Trying to get every possible cost into a spreadsheet so we know what we’re up against…then we’ll move into the timeline phase of planning. Dates by which we need to have the whole thing cleared, rent jackhammers, rent a bagster, etc. I love planning. It’s so fun because you don’t actually spend money yet and you are still inside on your couch, in the AC.

We did a couple updates in the front yard as well but it still needs serious help! The armpit of the house got a makeover with some weed proofing landscaping mesh and pine straw, an old bird bath, and a cheery little corner. I painted our front door blue, painted the steps gray, and we put up some window boxes! We still have a long way to go out front but slow and steady wins the race, right? Right.



We also did a little border around the tree in the front. I don’t know what kind of tree this is but it seems like it keeps growing new branches closer and closer to the ground. ….is this tree trying to become a bush? Anyways, for about $30 it definitely makes the yard look cleaner!


And of course, what’s a blog post without a good before and after? Anyone out there remember the fish scale days??

before and after

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  1. Cynthia Mediate says:

    We loved seeing your beautiful home and think the composite tile would look fantastic on you back patio!

  2. kathy says:

    Yay, a post! I love your blog, Katie! Your blue door looks great and I like the composite tile idea as well. I can’t believe E is going to be six months old this week. She is adorable!

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