Another painted floor!

When we first moved into our house the floors upstairs were one of the biggest issues we noticed. They were hardwoods and that was great but they were in terrible condition. (We’re talkin paint splatters & splintering) We didn’t have it in the budget to have all the floors resanded and now, honestly with dogs and a child we are glad we didn’t have that done. Over the past week I have finally finished covering the last of the upstairs hardwoods. All of the original flooring is still there and so one day when we do want to have everything sanded, it’s possible.

Original floors upstairs:
old floors

If you recall, we have laminate hardwood in the master bedroom and the nursery. Our closet floor we painted a glossy black. You can read more about that here. In our bathroom we installed laminate tiles with grout in between which you can see here. We have really loved these “tiles”. They look real, were budget friendly, and are warm year round! Sure, long term it would be great to have heated marble or something fabulous like that but this flooring has really fit with what we want/need/where we are now.

The upstairs hallway floor was the only place left to finish. We debated extending the laminate hardwoods but I had seen some painted floors (thanks pinterest!) and our closet turned out so well I asked Blake if we could paint this section. It was really one of those “what do we have to lose?” answers. I wouldn’t go painting a perfectly good hardwood floor, ever.

This was put off for about two years and it’s funny because it took 3 days to complete and barely any supplies….why is it we put off some of the easiest projects? One day I just said “If you’ll watch E I’m just going to go for it”. I splashed on some white paint without a very good plan. I used the same paint we had used for the wall color that I wanted to be the “backdrop”. We had some painters tape on hand already so I grabbed that and just started by outlining the space measuring the tape 6inches off the walls. Once I had that I liked the idea of doing a pin stripe around the same border so I went back with my tape measuring ¼ of an inch from the first taping.



"Mom, you've taped me in!"

“Mom, you’ve taped me in!”

Once all the tape was down I went back and brushed a coat of white back over all seams of the tape. This will keep your darker color from bleeding under the lines of the tape.

painted tape

We settled on a dark slate color to be the main “rug” color. I think it complements the bathroom floor nicely and adds a fun level of drama to an otherwise boring space.


I did two coats of this paint, one with a brush and another with a roller. Once dry we pulled up the tape and VOILA! We have a regal looking floor! We love the character it adds to the space.




The tape damaged some places with the white paint so I have some touching up to do and we are still going to add a layer of polyurethane for a glossy finish and protection. Of course, just when we thought we could truly call the upstairs complete we noticed the baseboards would probably look better if they were replaced with what we used in the bedrooms….

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  1. Carol Potter Schutte says:

    Love the floor! We have 2 shades of beige deck paint and I have been thinking about painting our deck like that.

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