Smooth again.

We left off here in sort of a day dream state about the patio.  I wanted to catch you up to speed because things didn’t go as planned…

We rented a dumpster for a week back in July and tore up the top level of concrete by hand (literally using a hammer…the air chisel was too much power).

It was painful. SO HOT. and there were blisters everywhere.  I don’t know if Blake would agree but I did think it was slightly better than hanging drywall (aka the worlds largest marriage test.)

So, anyways, we finished this tedious chore in a weeks time and then called in a recommended concrete specialist (Evolution Concrete).  They basically told us it was completely unnecessary to do what we had just done because the best option was going to be to add 3 inches of concrete to what was there and just start fresh (as opposed to pouring just a new top layer).  We had no choice at that point but to be thankful for the forced workout and move ahead.


These guys were AWESOME! They came, they saw, they concreted…err conquered!  Even the method of how they kept the concrete from spilling over the edges was fascinating.

We opted for a polished, smooth finish and for about a week I thought I may rub my face on the concrete every morning to just celebrate what I wasn’t having to see out the kitchen window anymore!


It’s hard to see the original condition of the structure from move in day but I did a comparison…hey look, we replaced a wheel barrow that took 10 months to move with a baby!  And the tree has really grown! The branches were actually hanging over the patio pre concrete pour but we cut them back to keep the leaves out of the wet concrete.


We’re settling back into our patio a little at a time using the furniture we have but have some larger plans for phases 2, 3, 5, 43….  The hot tub was a reward to ourselves for accomplishing a financial goal (and made possible by the savings we had using the concrete company we did!).  I wasn’t into the idea at first but now I can totally understand why it’s a necessity for a house renovation (goodbye sore muscles!)


Never mind that area rug hanging over the balcony…it was a casualty of a leaky roof that I’m still in denial about.

I’ll have to post about the way we hung the lights….I swear I’m married to an engineer who lies like a dog to me about his day job 🙂

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