Spot the Difference

Friends,  we are far from being done out here but we’re having fun with some recent changes!  It reminds me of a spot the difference activity from Highlights magazine…

We’re finally tackling painting over the brown foundation (TOTALLY wish it was still brick!! I talked to a Mason about sandblasting the paint off but that honestly just seemed a little more intense than we are prepared for right now).

We’re putting on shutters….I say that in the present tense because we are putting them on the top window I just ordered the wrong size (can I blame lack of sleep?) so we are waiting until those come in.

My favorite update is actually the wing walls flanking the front steps! It’s hard to see in the first picture but because the stairs didn’t span the whole width of the porch area  (because that covering wasn’t original) I always felt the house looked disproportionate.  These walls to me make the area look much more substantial and I can’t wait to put some big planters on them! (Jesus take the wheel on my black thumb!)

For fun, here is a picture of our house the day we bought it!  Seeya later shingles, plain white door and funky little window!   Hello gutters!…so glad you stopped our basement from flooding every time it rained!

It’s another game of spot the difference between the day we bought it and an original rendering!

Future plans include finish painting the foundation,  overhaul that area to the right of the door, landscape to the left, hang shutters on the top window.  We actually bought and assembled a wall pergola to go over the window to the right but I’m having second thoughts about it (don’t tell Blake)….and we also have some railing we had planned to put back on the front stairs but it’s not original and also not sure if that’s needed now that we have wing walls?   And Lord have mercy we need to get something to wind that hose up on that’s all over the driveway LOL

I’m also trying to decide if window boxes really are in fact just a place for plants to go to die?  I’m pretty sure they are.


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