Jeweled Flats

This post has nothing to do with our house but rather it’s the tale of how one of my favorite necklaces found a new meaning in life.

I bought this necklace at Ann Taylor on major clearance shortly after Everly was born.  I loved it and was actually excited to wear it when I returned to work after maternity leave…sounds silly I know…but, hey, it’s the small things.

I wore the necklace once and then a jewel fell out.  Let me do the math for you…it’s been nearly THREE YEARS.  I lived in a place of denial regarding the necklace.  For a while I decided I would just repair it…after all I had been the buyer for an online bridal store in college and dealt with jewelry  like this daily (random, right?? I did their buying and their accounting).  So, I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to find the extra stone and paint it to match.   Riiiggggghhhhtttttt. I got right around to that as you can tell.

Then I went through a phase of thinking I could conceal it’s loss.

Y’all.  I would wear the necklace and then wear a shirt with a collar or a blazer and tell myself as long as it stayed hidden no one would notice.  As I’m typing this I’m laughing at myself because I don’t even think I actually paid $10 for the necklace.  For some reason, I’m just attached to it.

I’d like to be able to say this is the only time I’ve attached myself to a jeweled item.  I once had a pair of jeweled flats that I wore until they were FALLING APART. Things went way past unprofessional.  So I decided I would buy a new pair of plain flats, pry the jewels off the old flats and then glue them on the new shoes.

That works beautifully for a while and then one day one side of the jewels fell off.  I obviously had a breakdown somewhere in my process of attaching those.  Anyways…

Yesterday in the closet I looked at my necklace and I looked at my shoes and all of a sudden I realized I could make myself a new pair of shoes.  I split everything apart using tin snips.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Doc McStuffins or maybe all the broken toys in Toy Story finally got to me….but I decided to give these couple things one last go round before I finally have to part with them.

My favorite part ended up being the little embellishment I put on the backs of the shoes.

I feel pretty great about it 🙂  Have you ever done anything like this? Or do you have some broken or messed up things you refuse to part with because you “might” fix it one day?   Tell me I’m not alone here!

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