Blogs I love!

East Coast Creative
Why: I love a good makeover and I love finding them easily. Great blog I find easy to navigate!

Planting Sequoias
Why: They remind me of us! The blog makes me feel like I can relate and they have some great ideas and seem to always be doing!

Emily A Clark
Why: My Monday mornings are always made better by catching up on her “Saturday 6”

Bower Power
Why: Katie Bower is hilarious! Her blog is just as much about life with 3 boys as it is DIY pretties!

Shannon Berrey
Why: This is the first blog I ever followed. Shannon’s use of color leaves me wanting to freshen my home up and she’s just so darn creative!

Hazardous Design
Why: I’ve been following this couple since the beginning as well. They are redoing an old Victorian and I just love their style!

Nest Egg
Why: Rachel Halvorson is SO talented. Based in Nashville her design business has kept her too busy to blog for a while but the archives are worth every minute to read! Also, she has a cute dog named Finley 🙂

Manhattan Nest
Why: Daniel is one of the most talented people I’ve ever followed. He is probably the best writer I’ve come across and is currently redoing two homes in upstate NY. His story telling is unmatched!

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
Why: This blogger will have you in tears she is so funny!!

Miss Mustard Seed
Why: If you’re interested in Milk Paint she’s your lady! I personally just like looking at some of her house tour pictures for inspiration. I love her kitchen.

A Firepole in the dining room
Why: I will read any blog about someone turning a non house into their residence. To me that is just so cool and inspiring.

House Seven
Why: I actually found this blog while naming our daughter Everly. She has a little one named Everly and she manages to capture the greatest photos of her kids!

Oh Hey Blog
Why: sometimes I just like to look at pretty travel pictures.

7th House on the Left
Why: I like this couple and their blog has so much to ready and browse!

Dixie Delights
Why: She blogs about all sorts of things, not just house stuff, which I need from time to time. She also has a nice free printables tab!

Talk of the House
Why: Her blog is just full of inspiration! In particular I love the lettering category!

The Lettered Cottage
Why: This sweet couple is in the process of adopting from Haiti and sharing their journey! The husband also shares some great photography tips in his own blog.

Mix and Match Mama
Why: This is former bachelor Sean Lowe’s sister. She had a food blog prior to his being famous. I just started following her journey as they brought the newest member of their family home from China.
Why: This couple has left the blogging world but were kind enough to leave behind a treasure chest of posts. This family is so incredibly easy to fall in love with and I miss them dearly. There is an archived post for just about ANYTHING you could want to do to your home 🙂

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  1. Heather says:

    So I was googling myself… Well, the firehouse blog… And found this post. Thanks so much for the shout out! We are among some very popular blogs (several that I follow too! RIP YHL) Have you tried Yellow Brick Home?

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