I mentioned in previous posts that behind the weird fiberboard was “shiplap“.  I’ve read a lot about shiplap and I wanted to clarify.  What’s on our walls is tongue and groove siding.  It’s very similar to shiplap but it’s not official shiplap…installed, it’s very hard to tell the difference.  Tongue and groove interlocks a bit more which helps keeps the elements at bay.  Shiplap is cheaper however so if you’re just going for the look then that’s what you’ll want to go with of course.

I had a few people ask me “If Joanna hadn’t made that popular would you have felt like you had to drywall over it?”


I’ve thought pretty hard about that question and I think the answer is that I hope not?  I hope I would know my own likes and dislikes enough to know I would have liked it enough to leave it.  Honestly I probably would have wanted to keep it from a budget perspective alone!  I sure am glad she made it popular though so we wouldn’t have to make a choice on whether or not to drywall!


Due to the age of ours the gaps can really vary in places which I think makes the house look older and more primitive and it really doesn’t bother me.  I think once all the art and modern furniture is added in it’s going to be a nice juxtaposition.

Our siding wasn’t in perfect condition and we knew there was no insulation in the walls so we feared it would be a VERY cold winter or hot hot summer for a renter.  We had insulation blown in the walls by popping off the top board on all exterior walls.  If you were building a house this wouldn’t the best bet because vapor is going to cause the insulation to get damp and sink eventually but we had to do what we had to do to be cost effective at this point.

The ceiling in the master was actually in such poor condition that we decided to just redo the whole thing in new tongue and groove and we’re leaving it natural!

One of the most difficult parts of this house was that everything was covered in soot from what we guess was an old stove and fireplaces.  For a couple months every time we left the house we were covered in soot too.  I never realized what it takes to cover that stuff up! Let me save you the trouble of ever making the wrong choice….the only option is a shellac based primer.  It smells like Burnetts vodka and you absolutely have to wear a mask to be around it (seriously it makes your eyes burn)…but it covers in one coat which is just what you want!

The final paint color I picked out was China White by Benjamin Moore.  I had seen the below suggested white colors list and researched about each one, bought 3 test pots of my favorite three and ended up at the creamy, gray undertoned China White!

Can you BELIEVE some paint took things from this:

to this?!?

I’ll see you Wednesday friends with a fun little fireplace makeover anyone can do! 🙂

Got Chip and Jo on your brain now? Here’s a buzzfeed quiz to see which one you’re most like!


The new roof line

Where were we? I’ve been having to do some serious big girl research on blogging to get some things straightened out and as a result I’ve had to stay off my site and let the professionals take over for a few days. The library card I thought I was getting for Everly was apparently very much for me too!


So, we left off (before a pie and a new shelf) in the beginning stages of changing our roof line in the back of the house. I’m happy to report this project is nearly complete! We’re talking 1 piece of hardy board and a can of trim paint away!


new roof line



Our trusted carpenter and Blake, over the course of two days, pulled everything out, reframed the window, created new rafters, and put the roof back except for the shingles. It was a CRAZY detailed process…one we couldn’t have tackled without the help of someone who can think 5 cuts ahead of where you always are! I feel like it’s not even fair to reduce this process to these pictures. It was from 8am-8pm+, 100 degree weather, on a roof. NOT PLEASANT but Blake is a DIY soldier!

open windowEs room open new framing new rafters Blake in the heat waiting on shingles

We lucked out and found a ton of extra shingles in the basement! Not that shingles are expensive but this way we wouldn’t have to worry about matching the existing. Yesterday the roofers were able to come out and blend in the new shingles with the old. You can tell a small color difference but they said within a couple of months it won’t be noticeable at all! I think the house just looks a lot better now too! Like this is how it should have been done all along.

Now that the water leak has been fixed we can turn our attention to what started this whole thing in the first place! Our downstairs bedroom which we need to move Everly (and eventually both girls) to. Before I can do anything at all the ceiling has to be fixed which should be happening today/tomorrow and then I’m going to clean it like crazy and freshen up the paint. My nesting bones can hardly wait!

before of Es room

We’ve also made the decision to move the ceiling fan out to the living room and put the chandelier (painted a fun color!) in this room. Speaking of living room, we sold our couch and while we wait for the new one I’m really enjoying the wide open space not having a sectional provides….can I put up my Christmas tree yet? Just kidding all you T.P.S. associates (TPS=Thanksgiving Protective Services)…but really.

And speaking of Christmas…. we get asked a lot about recommendations on tools we use and items we’ve found to be tried and true.   I’ve added a page at the top of the blog now called “Shop Our Tool Belt”.  It’s a little store that’s directly connected to Amazon where we’ve linked in some of our favorite items (and they go beyond the tool belt).  These ARE affiliate links so if that kind of thing concerns you check out our privacy and disclosure page for details. Because it’s our page I control 100% of what is put in there and therefore we wouldn’t put anything we don’t already use and have a positive opinion about!  I’ve really just started adding some items as I think of them but I’ll keep updating as we work through projects and find new toys…I mean tools… Anyway, this could be a one stop shop for that difficult person to buy for 🙂

I’m also working on some FREE printables for the site which I hope to start posting within the next week!

PS: how are we feeling about the instagram stories? I uploaded a couple and I think it’s kind of a fun way to follow bloggers behind the scenes! If you want to follow us on instagram you can do that here and to follow us on facebook see the link at the top right of the page.  Talk to you soon!

New roof line

If you’ve been around here for long you know we’ve been chasing a water leak for the better part of two years.  Two leaks actually (but the same kind), one in the kitchen and one in the guest room.  The one in the kitchen seemed to have tapered off but the one in the guest room only got worse.  As we’re turning the guest room into a room for one of our girls (and eventually both) we had to officially repair the ceiling and pray we had stopped the leak.  We gave plaster repair the old college try (Lord have mercy).  After one afternoon attempt we threw in the towel for a while which ended up being a blessing.  It allowed it to rain enough for us to see water damage happening to the brand new plaster.  Leak not fixed.  Such a bummer.  We called more people out to look things over and everyone had the same reaction….”we have no idea”.

Well, we had SOME idea.  We knew it had something to do with these two reverse dormers on the back of the house.


Each water damage spot was right below the reverse dormers.  We decided to have the roofing on those redone (we had repaired the window trim as much as we thought was physically possible so didn’t see how any water was seeping in around them).  Blake agreed to do the demo of the project for a little break on the cost of labor.

Upon ripping things apart he quickly realized all the rotten wood underneath the windows.

We had a carpenter friend make a late night house call (angels walk among us) and he told us what he would do if it was his house.  The plan was the same plan Blake and I had tossed around several times but tried not to commit to because it was the most extensive and expensive plan.  We needed to get rid of the reverse dormers and do one solid roof line across the back of the house.

new roof line

This would require taking out perfectly good windows and replacing them with windows that were a bit shorter…like the one on our bathroom (back middle of the house). We still have double full size windows on the sides of the rooms so I don’t feel like we are losing that valuable of window real estate.  This just means we can have more flexibility about furniture on that wall in those rooms!

This project now is going to include a little more demo, redoing siding, resetting windows, taking out and putting back in drywall on the inside, and roofing the newly framed out joists.  It’s just pretty much NOT what my very nesty self wants to be getting into at 33 weeks pregnant.  And I talk like I’M getting into it.  It’s really the husband who is taking the brunt of this redo… But hey, we had central air installed the week before Everly was born so I won’t act like it’s out of the norm for us:)

On the eve of project-stop-the-leaks-2016 here is where we are:


Can’t wait to share the rest of this process once we get it all put back together! For some peeks along the way be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook! Oh and I’ve dropped this tip before here but it’s worth mentioning again, if you’re local, Ken’s Inc. on Wade Hampton is a supply haven! We got the exact windows we were needing for about $100 less than what the big box store was going to charge us (a piece!!).


The completed master closet

So in this post I shared a few snapshots of the closet but I never really backed up and took any wide angle shots (how annoying! Why didn’t anyone tell me!) We did share specifics of how the room came together so I won’t reshare that here but you can click back for details. As a quick refresher, here is where we started:


Then for a while I turned this little room into an extra spot for guests:



Finally, we absorbed this room into the master bedroom and it became our closet:

before and after floorplan

In 1941 there just wasn’t as big of a need for closet space so we didn’t have much choice other than to turn a room into a dressing room. I’m certainly not complaining. We LOVE our closet. Here it is now as a part of the master bedroom (Note: we didn’t do the drywall in here so someone else is to blame for the wavy lines!…and yes there is A LOT of trim that needs to be refinished. Looking at it makes me yawn 🙂 )




I discussed in this post using a kitchen cart as a mini island:



You can read about how we took a thrifted china cabinet top and turned it into a shoe cabinet in this post. I think this was like $35 and it has such an impact!



We’ve tried hard to make sure the little things all have a home





I asked for this hanger holder for Christmas. I can’t stand empty hangers left on the rack. It adds a step to putting away laundry to have to go and search for them all so I can hang up clean clothes.


I am really glad I went back and took these photos because there are a couple things I noticed that need to be done in here. First, this room is overwhelmingly new wall white. It needs paint. The hanging doors and the walls. Even if it’s just a darker shade of white this looks too “new drywall” to me. I’m considering painting the ceiling a different color. This isn’t a tall room though so I want to be careful about what color I may use. I considered not using paint but using wallpaper instead as we did in the downstairs bathroom but my child needs a father…. I’m not sure Blake is up for round two of putting wall paper on a ceiling.

I also want to consider some artwork for the space. I like the idea of framing shopping bags but, for me, it feels a little too materialistic. I think I’ve settled on some sketches of important outfits (wedding dress) or just some favorite outfits that have meaning (I totally remember what I wore on our first date!)

This room has come a LONG way! I think it adds a lot of value to our home. Painting the floor black was a scary move but we absolutely think it fits the space perfectly and are so happy we did it! We are also happy to report that even with high heels grinding into the floor almost daily it doesn’t have a single chip!

before and after

If you want to read all our posts about the closet you can click here!

The upstairs hallway makeover

So I’ve been trying to get this blog back up to par and I’ve realized I pretty much need to start over room by room and catch everyone up to speed.

Housekeeping items: I’ve added a blogs I love tab along the top if you’re interested in meeting some new people! I’ve added a link on the right where you can go to follow our Numbers and Nails pinterest board. I’ve also linked up our Instagram feed so you can follow along in real time.

I wanted to start my update of the house by sharing the upstairs hallway/railing progress. I’m mostly starting here because I could locate all the pictures easily 🙂

So here was the hallway when we bought the house:


It felt pretty haunted to me…

And this railing. While I can appreciate the old feel it was so, so dangerous!

before 2

For scale, Finley (70lbs) could have walked through it and it barely came up past Blake’s knee caps.


You might remember in this post we found this abandoned outdoor railing at an antique place down the road.


Now this stuff had probably sat outside for a year…and was ROTTING and we aren’t sure if snakes played on it. All we knew is that we wanted to make the upstairs safer and we didn’t have a ton of money to do it with so we took a chance on this stuff. I think we paid $25 (…maybe $35) for everything.

We reused the original 4×4 posts because they were sturdy and went through the floor. However, we had to make them taller. Here is how Blake managed to blend our posts together. We also cut off all the rotting pieces and managed to piece everything together to make 1 set of new-ish railing.





Here we are after a couple coats of primer. In this picture you can also see we hadn’t yet started the upstairs master renovation. You can see the old railing was left in place where the future bedroom wall would be going.


Here is that same view once the wall came out.


And for fun this is what me almost having a heart attack looks like. Blake was confident the 1 million nails we put into our new railing were enough to hold him up 🙂


Next we decided to paint the hallway a really light neutral color. It actually looks white now that it is all painted but here you can see the color against the actual white walls and it’s very different! We love how it turned out. It gave the space that clean feeling we had been searching for since we moved in.


We both felt that painting the top of the rail black would give it a more polished look. See how it looks compared to just white railing on the right? Bleh. Also, this is a serious testament to what caulk and white paint can hide.



We also added a black handrail going down the stairs …you know…to bring the house up to code… 🙂

before and after 2

Here is what our upstairs hallway is looking like these days!




Another big item we did up here was add the same track lighting we used in our long dark hallway makeover. Before there was just a bare bulb exposed in the middle of the room. We installed these on a dimmer switch and they can be turned off from the top and bottom of the stairs which is a huge convenience!

Before and afters for dramatic, blog worthy, pin worthy effect

before and after

I’m not finished up here. I want to do a painted floor out in this space. Like a painted on rug or some type of design. Search for those things and tell me you don’t start drooling…. For now, we are keeping the carpeted stairs but I told Blake my goal is to have them replaced with wooden treads by the end of the year.

For safety, we’re installing a gate at the top and have the half door at the bottom to keep little one from falling.

All in all we are really proud of what this space has become!

If this hallway wasn’t enough you can keep on reading here about the downstairs hallway!!

Day 1 of 31 days–the bathroom dresser

In case you missed it here, I’m doing 31 days of posting!

cover for the challenge

Day 1: A dresser under the window in the bathroom.

photo 3

This is my childhood dresser and it fit perfectly under this window which overlooks the back yard. I’m sort of obsessed with storage and so I love having another piece of furniture to stock items in. I have a little chair here and I was concerned I wouldn’t use this much but I actually sit in it every day. The natural light from that window is great for makeup!

photo 4

Of course when I moved this in B was all like “how many pieces of non-bathroom furniture are you trying to bring in here?!?!” and I’m all like “TRUST ME…we need storage” You can see there is a good amount of space between this dresser and the buffet we used for the sink vanity (also mass amounts of storage) so it just filled up dead space quite nicely.

photo 1

Getting to see the sun come up from that window each morning is just something I appreciate and now that we are finished I look forward to making my way through the new door.

photo 2

Definitely helps take the edge off of Monday mornings now 🙂

Dear Renovation, SIT DOWN.

I mean…..this is taking forever. And twelve days.

Just when we think we have like two more things to do probably 50 more things appear. Really. It’s a problem. But we are in the “final stages”. I consider the final stages to bit a pit of hell. You’re tired of working on the same project mentally, physically, emotionally….but yet you are so close and you can see the tunnel that every day you just crawl back to it on your hands and knees begging for mercy that your one last door frame will fit and that this last square inch of skin on your hands will not blister over.

The good news is that I can just imagine the room around me. I am totally like those blindfolded people you see on febreze commercials who are sitting in a room full of garbage saying “mmmmmmm it smells like fresh flowers and laundy…a little bit of lilac…whispy white curtains”.


Yes. That is exactly me during a renovation.

Blake on the other hand. No. not even in the slightest is he capable of imagining himself out of the sawdust nightmare. So I do hope, mostly for his sake, that this comes to a close sooner rather than later.

Things are looking good though. We have successfully connected three rooms together to make a master suite. We have one sliding barn type door, one wall mounted tv, one electric fireplace, and spent 3 hours staining wood for the room. Sounds like a magical palace doesn’t it? I know….these things hardly seem like they belong together but BEHOLD this sneak peak!


Yeah those sconces….$4 at Habitat baby.

For perspective…the wall which you see there is the wall torn down to studs in this picture:


Now that I have given you that sneak peak I will return to the pits of hell and continue wiping 4 inches of dust off of everything, caulking and painting 75 pieces of door frame, crown, dusting, baseboard, thresholds, hanging curtains, dusting, boiling more door knobs, attaching random hardware, dusting.

Folks, we are almost ready to move in!