Big girl room reveal!

Here we are a week from the due date of our second baby and we’ve FINALLY moved our first into her new digs!  The following went down in this room: ceiling repair, lighting change, new paint.  Other than those things we were really just shuffling furniture around…it’s hard to believe the room all came together with only a handful of purchases!


Here we were testing paint colors and clearing the room out…pre ceiling fix, pre ceiling fan swap, mid curtain trial run!


Then we moved it all in!


We just shared about the china cabinet turned armoire in this post.  Beside it we have a laundry basket that actually holds stuffed animals and blankets (it makes for a quick clean up!).  The chair is from TJ Maxx years ago and the booksellers table is Ballard Designs which was previously in her nursery (we got it second hand and I tried to find a similar link but it’s sold!).  Curtains are pillowfort for Target. Rug is by At Home. Peg board letters are from Hobby Lobby…those are no longer sold and we got ours when they were something like 90% off!! These could (fairly easily) be made with a pegboard panel from Lowe’s (no more than $5), some paint, and a jig saw.


Toddler bed was second hand, nightstand is vintage Stanley furniture, mirror was a thrift store find, quilt rack was my grandmothers.  Chandelier was a thrift store find spray painted white.  Crib was actually mine from 1986.  It’s a drop rail crib which is not something that could even be sold these days but we feel fine about it! In fact, once Everly starts climbing out being able to lower the rail will make me feel safer.  Art is woodland doodles by me in some clearance Hobby Lobby frames (gotta love that 90% off aisle!).  Everything in the room is hung a little higher than usual just to keep it out of reach of tiny hands.  I’ve read once they move to a toddler bed you have to treat the whole room as if it’s the crib so they can’t get hurt if they decide to play in the middle of the night…


A burp cloth made by The Plum Poppy I just couldn’t stand to pack away yet!


Wreath was a thrift store find but it’s actually from Target. (Holy cow when I went to find that link I realized it was $20!! I paid $3) Bear artwork is also Pillowfort for Target.


So there you have it! One more room of the house checked off the list!  (And one leaky roof FINALLY stopped!)



Painted china cabinet turned “closet”: before and after

Remember that time we scooped up a china cabinet in a thrift store and turned it into a timeless armoire for our little girl’s room? Dedication to this project was certainly not for the faint of heart but in the end it’s got us all heart throbs over here!


We tried using a paint sprayer one night after we put Everly to bed.  Picture us under our car port around 10pm trying to get over the learning curve of a paint sprayer while a storm is blowing up outside.  Our work lamps attracting every moth within a 5 mile radius and the moths dive bombing the gooey globs of paint we had managed to squirt all over the cabinet.  YALL. …we went backwards on progress that night.  We ditched the sprayer all together and went for the good old fashioned roller and 2 inch brush method.  We used a liquid sander on everything, two coats of kilz primer, one GALLON of paint (I used latex….I know it’s frowned upon but here’s the deal–we happened to have this color, unopened in our basement….a gallon of chalk paint would have been way out of budget–, and finally a matte varnish to seal the whole thing.  I lost track of the time this took but let’s give it at least a month right? Of doing a little bit of what we could here and there.  I have no idea what it would take if you tried to work straight through…in fact that’s a little scary to think about…

Enough about the nitty gritty, let’s just look at pretty pictures right?


The intention of this piece was to be a “closet” option for Everly’s big girl room as the closet that this room shares with the next room is TINY (another post on that update later!)  To accomplish this we removed one of the shelves and installed a rod to hang some of her clothes from.


There is certainly no shortage of storage options!



The bottom is filled with pajamas, baskets of socks, shirts, pants….


…a silverware drawer turned little girl accessory storage!


I wasn’t sure about adding back in the wire panels but I think they help maintain a vintage feel


…because why wouldn’t you use a $3 cake stand you found on clearance as a shoe stand??


I love having room for the clothes we need to but I also love having room for some of my childhood things that would otherwise be packed away in a box in an attic somewhere!


For worried mothers (like mine) it is anchored to the wall.  I guess I will use this space to type a little PSA to large furniture lovers, please anchor your pieces to the walls!! Five minutes of research on furniture and tv child fatalities will have you ordering anchors on amazon prime in no time. These accidents are much more common than you think and they are SO preventable!  This is what we have used personally and have been happy with.  You install them and then slide the furniture back and it’s truly not even visible from the side.

I’ll be back with some full room reveal pictures in the next post!

Mock Apple Pie


Friends of the world wide web… I’ve discovered a secret and I so want to share it with you!

We have a garden and my husband has a serious green thumb.  We accidentally missed this zucchini in our last pick and the thing grew to giant proportions.

A giant zucchini is going to be a littler firmer than your standard size because it’s just grown past its prime. I hadn’t heard of making an apple pie with zucchini (instead of apples) until my mom saw a friend post about having a huge zucchini and making the pie. I did a little bit of research and while it’s common and a known thing I don’t think it’s  THAT common. It’s something I would probably file under weird… But here I was, with a GIANT zucchini and some time of my hands (nap time, that is).


I’ve listed out the ingredients I used below and also the steps I took.  Veteran pie makers seemed indifferent about leaving the seeds in vs. cutting them out but I figured I would take them out given this was our first tasting.   It was pretty unreal how much the sliced zucchini looked like sliced apples!!

To get a tart apple flavoring I splashed the slices in some lemon juice…I didn’t measure….just used it until I felt like I had covered all the slices.  I also sprinkled on some sugar and let all of that sit while I prepped the other steps (listed below).  Once everything was ready I just put in the pie pan and let the oven do the rest!



The house smelled heavenly (is it Fall yet?) and the result was a pie that tastes identical to apple pie. Just like everyone else promised–if you didn’t know apples weren’t used you would never assume anything was different!

Now, unfortunately this hasn’t created a healthy pie because all you’ve done is replace a fruit with a vegetable and then still covered it in sugar. But, it is a great way to utilize the veggies coming from the garden until apple season is truly upon us!


  • 8 cups (or around that) of sliced zucchini
  • 2 pie crusts
  • 1 stick of butter (melted)–this is 1/2 a cup
  • lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup regular super
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 3 tbs of flour
  • 2 tsp of cinnamon
  • dash of nutmeg
  • 1/4 cup of water


  1. Set out your pie crusts according to instructions (unless making from scratch).  I think most boxes recommend they sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
  3. Wash and peel your zucchini.  I sliced into quarters long way and then cut out the seedy center to get an arch shape like an apple slice.
  4. Put your sliced zucchini in a bowl and cover with lemon juice.  Can also sprinkle a few pinches of sugar and give a good shake or stir. Sit these aside. Melt your butter down (I microwaved but you can do it in a saucepan on the stove) and add in the 3 tbs of flour.  Once blended, add in the sugars, vanilla, and water.  Let this simmer until you’ve prepped your pie dish.  The consistency looks like melted caramel.
  5. Put a pie crust into your dish and mash around all edges.  I put a little flour under mine but I don’t think that’s really necessary.
  6. Back to the slices you sat aside-now sprinkle your cinnamon and nutmeg all over them until covered evenly.  I am not the biggest fan of nutmeg so I didn’t use much but I think for these two spices you just adjust up or down depending on your tastes.
  7. Pour all the slices into the pie dish and take the sauce from the stove top and pour almost all of it into the dish making sure to cover the slices well.  Leave just a small amount in the pot to coat the top pie crust with.
  8. Layer on your top pie crust and prick several times with a fork.  Brush the remaining sauce onto the crust and spread evenly.
  9. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 345 for another 35 minutes.
  10. Can be served with ice cream! (Who would have thought zucchini would make you crave a cold scoop of ice cream???)


DIY Frosted Coffee

Have you had the new-ish Chick-Fil-A frosted coffee? It was supposed to be limited time only but they announced last week it’s going to be a permanent addition to the menu. This is both a) the best news ever and b) enabling me. Enabling me to frequently consume a glorified milkshake while pretending it’s a cup of coffee and also to spend money at a fast food restaurant way more frequently than is fiscally responsible to do.


So, upon their announcement I decided to try a DIY version at home. While it’s still really the same ingredients I can at least control the sugar and flavoring that is likely added to their version. Here is the nutrition facts per their website. 38 grams of sugar in a small is sorta killin’ my vibe.


 So, I got a little pint of regular old vanilla ice cream. I used about 3 small scoops of this. A serving of this is 1/2 a cup which is almost exactly what I used. 160 calories and 18 grams of sugar. While we should just call this what it is, a dessert, at least it’s better right? Right.

I added the ice cream to 6oz of cold brew coffee I made a couple days ago and blended for like 3 total seconds using our bullet. Don’t overdue this or you’ll lose the milkshake consistency.

 I topped it off with a little whip cream…lets be honest…just to fill out the glass for the picture. It doesn’t need it but if whipped cream is your thing then go for it!


 Consume in the sun to cool off with an economical and somewhat healthier version of your beloved frosted coffee!


 Side note: we cold brew our coffee with the Primula glass system from Amazon and love it. You can cold brew with a filter and a mason jar really but this comes with a reusable filter and just having everything made to go together makes it easier. [[cold brewing just means you let coffee grounds soak in cold water for 24-48 hours–nothing special]]. Cold brew also has significantly less acid which is overall healthier for you and helps prevent the dreaded coffee breath.  What you make will also last for weeks in the fridge vs. that one hot cup you keep microwaving all day and pretending like it still tastes fine.

And I use half decaf grounds and half regular (or all decaf) while pregnant for a lower caffeine treat. My friend Kelly and I branded this decaf iced coffee “Ice Ice, Baby”. Logo and all, it’s probably something I should actually brand instead of putting on the internet for someone else to take to Shark Tank but hey, gotta pick what I spend my time doing wisely…like DIYing my favorite fast food beverages…


Getting Creative to save Cents

When you have a structure that’s made of concrete and steel it can be tricky to figure out how to attach, well… really anything. We knew we wanted to do the string lights but it took some creativity to figure out how to attach 2 points of contact on the yard side of the patio without being a pro welder. And attach an additional 3 contact points on the house side without touching the house (don’t want the wind slamming glass bulbs into the house….and I guess…lightning rod?) or having the bulbs drag the shingles.

light plan

This whole thing actually started the same day our patio was poured. Blake and I were having ourselves a celebratory wine picnic on the patio that night and we noticed some random wires sticking out the side of the house (not your average house). I don’t know if it was the wine or what but we remembered there was also a switch inside the house we never figured out what went to. Without saying a word we looked at each other and parted ways….Blake to get the voltage meter and me to the switch. “On the count of 3!”   aaannnndddd…..we had electricity running to the patio this whole time and didn’t know. What a LUCKY surprise! Blake extended the wires up through some conduit and attached an outdoor outlet to the house to plug our lights into.  Anyways, back to the DIY how to.

We went on a couple (what we call) scouting missions to Lowes looking for materials and pricing the project out of hanging the lights. Our phones are so full of different hardware and their various prices we could almost run an independent Lowes website. If you’ve ever wondered what the photocloud of someone renovating a house looks like…it’s this:


Anyways, Blake devised the following plan:

We would attach 8ft. poles metal conduit poles to our existing rails using hose clamps. The hose clamps were rated for the specific weight and pull we thought we would have and we used 3 on each pole for extra security. For the middle portion of the house side we actually cabled them into the side of the house just using a really basic clip (again, high weight rated).   If I had it my way they would have hung below the window but we couldn’t let them drag the shingles.

On each pole Blake used a clip to attach the lights to another longer piece of metal we simply dropped down into the pole. We didn’t secure it at all but gravity and the pull to the sides keep it in place.

So the total cost of lighting this whole shebang was $180.94 which I consider a steal to have taken care of all the lighting for our patio.

The only thing we wish we had done was use a stronger metal pole. Ours have bent pretty seriously and it’s just because we used the cheapest materials (however, still rust proof). The stronger material we’ll probably upgrade to one day cost $14.50 each. The poles we have wouldn’t break they just let the lights swag a little….which, who doesn’t like a little swag on their patio??

Speaking of cheap materials (ya’ll, paving a patio and adding a hottub will leave you approximately 5 cents in the bank to finish said patio).   We HAD to add a gate for obvious reasons. We still don’t have a railing on the stairs but at least we have a gate, right? Right.


Blake attached a wooden frame to the existing steel railing like so:

He built the frame of the gate itself like any other gate kit would have you do. We wanted the gate to have the same modern feel as the whole structure so we decided to keep that flow. Blake drilled out placeholders for rods to be placed in.  We didn’t have it in the budget to buy stainless steel for this project and we also didn’t have time to wait. We actually used PVC pipe and sprayed it with metallic spray paint to mimic the silver of the other railing. Now, up close can you tell something is different? Yes. But from far away we have a darn good fake if I do say so myself. Especially when the sun hits it all (see photo above)…it’s pretty much all blinding anyway.


The latch system we purchased is one of those self-closing ones because with young kids you just can’t take the chance of someone forgetting to latch the gate back…so it’s spring loaded.

It’s our plan to stain that frame the same color we opt for on the wooden accent (trex board) we’ll be adding to the all the rest of the handrail. This should really help the whole thing look less like a prison and look a little softer/still modern.

Progress my friends, progress.

We still need to:

  • Add railing to the stairs
  • Fix the surface of the stairs
  • Add trex accent to the handrail of all railing
  • Figure out some privacy screens for the sides
  • Replace guest bedroom window with a French door for two points of access (and one closer to the bathroom)
  • Need to talk about some awnings
  • The whole underside of the structure needs to be sanded and painted (UGHHHH)

That list was daunting to even type. Might be a while before we are working on all this again! The inside of the house is calling 🙂

Show and Tell: coworker edition

So I’m back to work this week which means I have few minutes to spare until I get into my new routine! However it’s pouring snow here tonight and knowing I have a day in my pajamas tomorrow means I can stay up a few minutes late and chat with my favorite internet people.

I want to share some really cool DIY projects tonight that are not our own. The husband of this DIY duo is a coworker of mine and he and his sweet wife have done some amazing upgrades to their home! Seriously, Ryan and Katy need their own blog!

The first is a garage door makeover. I absolutely love things like this because there are SO MANY plain white garage doors out there! Such a minimal investment can completely upgrade the look of the whole front of your home.

Here is the before:


And here is the after!!


Does it not look like the whole door was replaced for one with windows? That is trim and paint!!

Take a closer look.


GENIUS. Here is the breakdown of the costs for this upgrade:
$18 for carriage door pieces from Home Depot
$40 for trim for the faux windows
$20 for glossy black paint
White paint (already had on hand)
Total: $78

Now, I’m not a garage door salesman but I know this is an upgrade that is totally worth it! What a difference that makes in the curb appeal. I looked around the internet for kits and all I was able to find was a pack of black window stickers for $100… which wouldn’t even be 3D like this is with the trim.

Another project this couple took on was a firepit. Ryan had been looking at the firepits sold at the big box home stores but felt they weren’t substantial enough for the price. Are you ready? This is cool.

Old washer drum found at a junk appliance store (The Olde Homestead if you’re from around here).


Wire brush it off (cute dog optional)



Add electrical coupling pipe for legs and paint with high heat paint:




Total spent on this project:
Washer drum $26.50
Pipe for legs $7
Screws $3
High heat paint $4
Total $40.50

I hope you enjoyed reading about these projects! I love seeing the creative ideas our friends come up with!

The upstairs hallway makeover

So I’ve been trying to get this blog back up to par and I’ve realized I pretty much need to start over room by room and catch everyone up to speed.

Housekeeping items: I’ve added a blogs I love tab along the top if you’re interested in meeting some new people! I’ve added a link on the right where you can go to follow our Numbers and Nails pinterest board. I’ve also linked up our Instagram feed so you can follow along in real time.

I wanted to start my update of the house by sharing the upstairs hallway/railing progress. I’m mostly starting here because I could locate all the pictures easily 🙂

So here was the hallway when we bought the house:


It felt pretty haunted to me…

And this railing. While I can appreciate the old feel it was so, so dangerous!

before 2

For scale, Finley (70lbs) could have walked through it and it barely came up past Blake’s knee caps.


You might remember in this post we found this abandoned outdoor railing at an antique place down the road.


Now this stuff had probably sat outside for a year…and was ROTTING and we aren’t sure if snakes played on it. All we knew is that we wanted to make the upstairs safer and we didn’t have a ton of money to do it with so we took a chance on this stuff. I think we paid $25 (…maybe $35) for everything.

We reused the original 4×4 posts because they were sturdy and went through the floor. However, we had to make them taller. Here is how Blake managed to blend our posts together. We also cut off all the rotting pieces and managed to piece everything together to make 1 set of new-ish railing.





Here we are after a couple coats of primer. In this picture you can also see we hadn’t yet started the upstairs master renovation. You can see the old railing was left in place where the future bedroom wall would be going.


Here is that same view once the wall came out.


And for fun this is what me almost having a heart attack looks like. Blake was confident the 1 million nails we put into our new railing were enough to hold him up 🙂


Next we decided to paint the hallway a really light neutral color. It actually looks white now that it is all painted but here you can see the color against the actual white walls and it’s very different! We love how it turned out. It gave the space that clean feeling we had been searching for since we moved in.


We both felt that painting the top of the rail black would give it a more polished look. See how it looks compared to just white railing on the right? Bleh. Also, this is a serious testament to what caulk and white paint can hide.



We also added a black handrail going down the stairs …you know…to bring the house up to code… 🙂

before and after 2

Here is what our upstairs hallway is looking like these days!




Another big item we did up here was add the same track lighting we used in our long dark hallway makeover. Before there was just a bare bulb exposed in the middle of the room. We installed these on a dimmer switch and they can be turned off from the top and bottom of the stairs which is a huge convenience!

Before and afters for dramatic, blog worthy, pin worthy effect

before and after

I’m not finished up here. I want to do a painted floor out in this space. Like a painted on rug or some type of design. Search for those things and tell me you don’t start drooling…. For now, we are keeping the carpeted stairs but I told Blake my goal is to have them replaced with wooden treads by the end of the year.

For safety, we’re installing a gate at the top and have the half door at the bottom to keep little one from falling.

All in all we are really proud of what this space has become!

If this hallway wasn’t enough you can keep on reading here about the downstairs hallway!!