Finding a layout that worked

This house is only about 800sq ft so we really needed the layout to be as functional as possible so we weren’t wasting the little space we had to work with.  Below shows the original layout on the left next to what we ended up doing on the right.  I pointed out 4 major changes made.

Opening up where we could and moving a couple of doors around made all the difference…and honestly it’s weird seeing the way it used to be because it feels like it’s always been the way we have it now.

Here was the view upon entering….there was a small opening to the kitchen just to the right of this photo:

During demo we put in a new header and opened up that wall as much as we could within budget (the column stayed).  This is now a bar for eating and lets SO much more light in!

Here is a more recent picture so you can see how this worked out! I personally think it made a huge difference!

When we bought the place there was a window in the kitchen that had been boarded up.  We knew it was there by looking at the outside but on the inside it was hidden behind a china cabinet.  Day 1 we let the light shine in my friends!

This next one is a little more challenging to see in pictures but we moved a door frame over to accommodate a hallway within the house and also make for better furniture arrangement. The door you see open in the right side of the photo there was in the middle of this wall and opened into the second bedroom (where the bathroom was).  we moved this door from over to the space on the left!

You can see in the above photo how we slid everything over a bit.  The wall for the second bedroom now followed the right side of this door frame so that bedroom actually lost about 4 feet of space but….we couldn’t have the only bathroom in there!

We’ve been incredibly pleased with the new layout!….a positive side of tearing everything single thing out is getting to put it back in the way you would want it!

We’re down to punch list type items at the house now and I’m going to try and knock a couple off of it this weekend with the girls while Blake works! I think grouting a bathroom floor and cleaning a tub are perfect weekend activities (#opposite). Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday (unless you want to follow us on Instagram to catch sneak peaks of the finished product @numbers_and_nails)