Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Hi friends! Casual Friday here and I’m taking a break from sharing about house renovations because I wanted to share something Blake and I recently started using that we’re loving! …and it’s something that, if you’re reading this, you may need 🙂

Due to our professions (hello computer screens ALL day), me writing this blog, and the amount we are on our phones we have been trying to be more diligent in protecting our eyes from “blue light”.   If you don’t know about blue light then this article from is a good place to start!   Most cell phones these days come with a blue light filter you can keep on all the time or elect to start at a certain time of day.   If you have an iphone here are the instructions for turning that on.  Android users can follow these instructions.

I got Blake a pair of the blue light glasses to go in his stocking for Christmas but we like them so much I’ve ordered a couple more pairs!

The first pair I ordered were these and honestly they seem a little big…like Clark Kent … these are $16.

Another set I ordered were these for Blake. I think they look like more typical glasses! These are the most expensive ones we have-$35.

I ordered this pair for myself and they are a little more on the trendy frame side but I love them. These are my favorite and by far the cheapest at $9!!  These are also the ones I have on in the photo above!

During busy season Blake often works super late at night and then it can be really hard for the brain to wind down and sleep after staring at a screen until midnight. We use every method we can to help lessen the intensity of screens.

If you want to spend $100/pair but have your choice of top designs then a company like Felix Gray could be for you! We prefer the cheap methods via Amazon 🙂 If you wear reading glasses then you can also get some readers with a blue light filter…most of them let you pick a reading prescription when you order. Blake has perfect vision so I just ordered him the non prescription kind.

Already wear prescription glasses?  No worries! for $15 or so you can order a clip on!

It’s definitely something to consider friends! Does anyone else have these? Do you love them?! What do you do to keep eye strain at bay?

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